In the shop this weekend! 15th, 16th and 17th! Peaches and Cream pastry in the shop!  While they last
Who says it has to be cake? Pie Bars? Cannoli Bars? Dessert Bars? We provide them all! Pies will make a beautiful display at your wedding.
A snapshot of the many specialty cakes we design for weddings. A Fairy Tale Wedding with this custom design.
Pie! “We make ‘em like they used to.’” Available to order today! Now taking orders for Pies for the holiday!

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How to travel with a large multi-tiered cake.

Guidelines for the cake pickup and delivery Plan Ahead Know your destination and add extra time to drive slowly. Plan to pick up the cake at non peak traffic times. Do you have alternate routes in mind should a traffic issue present itself? Plan to deliver at least two hours prior to the ceremony or event. Contact the venue to be sure they are open when you arrive. Arrange for extra help in unloading and placing the cake at the venue. These cakes are awkward and heavy, we will load and unload cakes with two people. We will help you […]

Photo of a cake slice from Just Simply Delicious Cakes in Waynesville NC

How to cut your cake!

The key to a successful cut is to have one large and one small serrated knife. And a few warm damp bar towels nearby. Use a sawing motion to start the cut as to not pressure on the cake to score the cake in both directions, then go back and cut the first 2 inch cut all the way to the cake board. Clean your knife and set it aside. Then take the smaller serrated knife and slice from top to bottom each 1 inch slice, transfer the slice to the plate and proceed with the next one. Keep your […]

Spaghetti Cake!

Have a little whimsy in your next cake!

We can definitely design a little whimsy into your next birthday or special event.  We are up to the challenge and can’t wait to see what our customers come up with next. Castles, food inspired cakes… Hollywood blockbusters and more.  Give us a shout and let’s discuss your next cake!  

How about a Cannoli Bar for your wedding?

How about a Cannoli Bar for your wedding?

We’ve talked about wedding cakes, dessert bars, pie bars, small cake tables and more.  But now, I would like to talk about live Cannoli Bars!  (Jessica Merithew Photography)

Sneaking in the family dogs to be part of their wedding!

Bring your pets to the wedding! We can sneak them in!

Sure you can bring your dogs to your wedding! We will sneak them in for you!