A snapshot of the many specialty cakes we design for weddings. A Fairy Tale Wedding with this custom design.
Drop in for Tasting Tuesdays from 11:00am until 3:00pm! One example of our cupcake designs for special events.  Adding Sugar Flowers.  These were edged in gold.
Pie! “We make ‘em like they used to.’” Pie!  “We make ‘em like they used to.’”
All about Wedding Cakes. Answers to your Questions! All about Wedding Cakes. Answers to your Questions!

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Using everyday tools from your local hardware store to design this stunning buttercream wedding cake.

Budget Wedding cakes for 75 or 100 guests.

We get it! An over the top specialty wedding cake isn’t for everyone.

Sometimes you just want a classic elegant cake that is beautiful and easy to serve. Not to mention great tasting. And you are having to juggle funds!

We can help.

Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Cakes in Waynesville NC.  Serving the greater Asheville area.

Yes we bake baby shower and gender reveal cakes!

If you want that special cake for your precious baby, look no further.

We will be happy to work with you to host that baby shower that everyone will remember! Gender reveal cakes are so much fun!

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How to love your wedding…  a note to all brides.

How to love your wedding… a note to all brides.

As each wedding season winds down, it gives me time to reflect on the amazing people that have touched my life this year. As a wedding cake designer, I feel really blessed to be doing something that I love, and so honored to be a part of one of the most special days in so many couples’ lives.   A wedding cake to me is more than a cake. I would like to share a few of my thoughts with all future brides… Cutting your cake represents the first task you and your spouse will do together as a married couple.  […]

Sculpted, tiered and modeled birthday cakes for your special day!

Yes, we bake birthday cakes! Tiered, Modeled, Sculpted!

If you are struggling with how to make your little one’s birthday special. Look no further.

They might forget the toy of the year they received, but you will never forget that sparkle and excitement in their eyes when they saw their cake.

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A little Leap Year Proposal Humor!

A little Leap Year Proposal Humor!

Others argue that the tradition of women proposing on this day goes back to the times when the leap year day was not recognised by English law. Under this theory, if the day had no legal status, it was acceptable to break with the convention of a man proposing.

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