A reminder that we all need to take a moment to think back…

Sarah Rominger is a fabulous photographer working out of Asheville, NC.  She recently received this comment from one of her past brides, and I must tell you, it almost brought tears to my eyes as well. This is a life lesson for all of us. To visit Sarah's work, please find her at http://www.sarahromingerphotography.com.

She posted:

"a recent review from a past bride brought tears to my eyes… and to think, this is only one of the many reasons why I truly adore my job and my clients. ♥

"My husband and I had a rough start into our marriage. But one of the things I have loved most is the fact that basically all our pictures in the house are from the wedding… and it doesn't matter how mad, frustrated, annoyed, etc I am with him, all I have to do is look at our pictures of the moments you captured and it takes me back, reminding me how much I love him and how much he adores me. It has yet to fail me. I have been so thankful for those pictures time and time again. Not only have they been beautiful to look at and display, they have meant so much more than that… almost like a reality check. Sarah, you have filled our home with beautiful moments, not only visual, those hanging on the wall, but heart changes which have eased tension, seized frustration and been a beautiful reminder of what marriage is all about. So thankful for you sharing that day with us and giving us a gift that has continued giving." – J

thank you so much for sharing… it has made my week. :)"


Maybe there are times where we all need to break out those wedding photos and take a walk back and revisit those feelings…..