I’m Debi Hall.   Many of you knew me as your website designer at CGI Group.  Although I love working and being creative with computers, I decided to branch out and transfer that love to cakes, desserts and confections.  Wedding cakes are a passion for me and the Asheville, NC area is a favorite  destination wedding location for many couples.   So I opened …just simply delicious Cakes, Desserts and Confections.

How did I get started with cake?  Well, one day back in 2008, I walked into our office one day and just said “I quit”.

I realized that I had been in front of a computer for so long that I knew if I didn’t do something else, I would grow to hate them.    I really just wanted to do something to “jump start my brain”.

So,  I decided to go back to school.  I wanted to try something a little different and have some fun doing it.  So I enrolled in a culinary program at AB Tech.  And after one semester in the program, I realized that I had fallen in love.

So… since I was spending less and less time at the office, I closed it and moved that part of my business to a home office, eventually closing all together.  And in December of 2009 I graduated from the program with a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts.

The rest is history now…  I completely found homes for my website customers and started designing cakes full time in 2009. And my love for cakes and desserts just grew.  Please take a stroll through our cake gallery for an idea of what we do.

I have a small bakery business in Waynesville, that serves all of the Western North Carolina area.  If you are familiar with Waynesville, the bakery is at 57 Branner Ave.  (Where the entrance to the parking deck is)  My philosophy is I believe that you can have your cake and eat it too!   Have the wedding cake of your dreams with a fabulous home made taste, knowing that your cake was designed with the freshest natural ingredients I can find and always baked with love.

We are special occasion bakers, baking just before your event so your cake will be the best it can be.  If you want fondant, our fondant is scratch made, flavored to compliment your cake, and applied the day of your wedding so it stays soft and sweet.  We are up to just about any culinary challenge, and many of our favorite cake combinations came directly from our clients requests.

You will find our wedding and grooms cakes all around the Asheville, NC area.  And we are on the preferred vendor’s list for many of your favorite wedding venues.

Rick (my husband)  and I also have a love for this mountain area, and it is the hope that we can share some of the stories, people we’ve met and places we’ve seen working with all of you on this website.  So stay tuned, we have much to share.

As for the bakery?

We are considering expanding to a retail experience.  But until then, we accept orders for wedding cakes, desserts, specialty cakes,  dessert bars and buffets, petit fours, mini cakes, pies, and more… Your family recipe or ours.

Since we bake to order, you can have what you want, not just choose from what we have.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your special event.

We are open by appointment only, but do offer complimentary cake tastings for weddings or special events for over 50 guests.  Just click here to arrange schedule a tasting.  Complimentary Tastings

Serving Waynesville, Asheville and Western North Carolina
To learn more about …just simply delicious, please visit:  http://www.justsimplydelicious.com
Debi Hall (cell) 828-4 zero zero-6596