Yes, we bake birthday cakes! Tiered, Modeled, Sculpted!

Modeled baby animals for this little one's first birthday.

Modeled baby animals for this little one’s first birthday.

Jaden's Icing Smiles Birthday

They won’t always remember the toy of the day. But they will always remember their cake.

We believe birthdays are those special days when its all about that one child and we love to be a part of them!

Each of our cakes is as unique as the children themselves.

We love what we do!  It is such a treat for us when they get to come and see their cake for the first time.  Make that day special for them.  We can offer a lot of inspiration!

They might not remember the toy of the day.  But they will always remember their cake.We will be happy to bake a specialty birthday cake for you. 


Baseball glove and baseballs birthday cakeWe offer tiered, sculpted, modeled cakes of all sizes.  Our birthday cakes are made with the same fabulous recipes as our wedding cakes.   We use natural and fresh ingredients and bake from scratch.  We are mindful of little ones and offer icings that are soft and sweet, but not sugary.

monster birthday cupcakes

These decorated monster cupcakes were for a birthday party in Waynesville, NC.   With an over sized cupcake for the birthday boy!

Please visit our gallery here for more examples of our cakes, and please know that we welcome your inspiration and ideas.


Or we just create our own!  We also offer small cakes for effect and surround that with designed cupcakes, regular and mini.

I know pricing can be an area of concern when planning budgets.  We are always happy to give you some pricing ideas on sculpted cakes, however it is hard to do that without a consultation.  There are so many options. In a way it’s like, how much is dinner for four?  Well…..

If you are interested in a consultation, please fill out this quote form and give us an idea of how many guests, what inspiration you have, such as a round cake with a logo, or a 3D sculpted look, maybe a link to a cake you really like.   And we would need an idea of you budget, even though we know sometimes you don’t know how much you should budget.  But it helps us give you a range of ideas that you might like. Please note that we don’t bake sheet cakes, all of our cakes are layered and contain some sculpting element.  Round, square, rectangular, heart, petal, six sided and more are available. 

our favorite snowman birthday cake





birthday cakes that are tierd, modeled and sculpted in Asheville, Waynesville, NC

Specialty birthday cakes, sculpted, tiered, modeled in the Asheville, Wayneville NC area.  

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