Budget Wedding cakes for 75 or 100 guests.

We get it!   Sometimes you just want a classic elegant cake that is beautiful and easy to serve.  Not to mention great tasting.  And you have a budget. 

Over the years of designing and baking, we’ve come to realize that several of our sculpted buttercream wedding cakes are very fast and easy for us to produce.  And if the flavor is one of our basic flavors and the same throughout the cake, we can make the best use of our batters, saving us time and money as well.

beautiful budget wedding cakes in asheville nc

Styled buttercream wedding cakes are the most cost effective! Elegant, classic and romantic. Decorated with fresh flowers.

What that means is that we can offer a wedding cake to serve either 75 or 100 guests that is very cost effective for you. This is how we do it!  

  • These cakes are ordered with a sculpted buttercream only design – one pattern – no hand piping – There are many styles in our gallery from which to choose.
  • A single flavor for all tiers in the cake – please choose from the list below – When you choose a three tier cake to serve either 75 or 100, then you hit the sweet spot with regards to our batter size, our labor and just general all around best cost.  So when we realized that, we decided to pass the savings to you!
  • Customer pickup the day of – a transportation guide will be provided. – One of the biggest challenges a cake designer in Western North Carolina faces is the time it takes to deliver a cake.  We are in Waynesville.  So, if we book a wedding in Cashiers, then book a wedding in East Asheville…. well we are in the car for about five hours driving from one venue to the other.  We might as well go to Charlotte and back!  And when both weddings have the same or nearly the same ceremony time… then you can imagine.  We probably can’t take one of the weddings.  So, we came up with structures for a three tier cake serving either 75 or 100 that is very stable, making it possible for someone in your bridal party or family to pickup and deliver your cake.  We can always give a tutorial on how to apply the fresh flowers. But your florist can do that for you.
  • They don’t come with a tasting or consultation – we handle everything over email and phone.  Over the years, we realized that a large number of our weddings are destination weddings.  And not all will be able to come for a tasting.  They just book us!  So again, this is a chance for us to pass some overall savings back to you.
  • And paid in full at the time of the order – saving us on the accounting.  We again, save by having everything taken care of in advance.

In comparison to our normal offerings for wedding cakes.  We do offer complimentary tastings, we offer one hour of consultation and email and phone support.  We don’t charge extra for different flavor combinations per tier, and we will quote any special design you choose.  Even though it seems that all of this is not charged anyway… it is actually factored into our overall average cost.  It is for everyone actually.  That’s why most will give you a “price per slice” range.  (FYI. The challenge there is not everyone has the same estimated number of slices per tier… or size of the slice.   If you are paying $4.00 per slice, and I say you get 30 slices out of a ten inch round, costing $120.00, another baker might say you get 52 slices and then charge you $208 for the same size tier.)

Our budget cakes are three tiers, balanced well for travel.   We have the confidence that if you follow our guidelines, the cake can be picked up and delivered by a member of your wedding party.   Saving you even more money from the delivery cost.  The cake once delivered can be decorated with fresh flowers provided by your florist for a beautiful look.  We have many cakes in our gallery that are “budget cakes” but you would never know!

A three tier wedding cake for 75 is $290.00 with tax the total will be $295.80
This cake does not include serving the top tier, but reserves those 8 servings for your anniversary.  You would have 83 servings should you choose to serve the top tier.

A three tier wedding cake for 100 is $390.00 with tax the total will be $397.80
This cake includes serving part of the top tier, the remaining slices saved for your anniversary.


  • Italian cream with a scratch made raspberry puree and vanilla buttercream. – Our most popular cake.
  • Italian cream with vanilla buttercream
  • Lemon cake with a lemon cream filling and vanilla buttercream
  • Chocolate cake with a peanut butter mousse filling and vanilla buttercream
  • Chocolate cake with a vanilla buttercream
  • Apple spice cake with a caramel buttercream
  • Pumpkin spice with a pumpkin cream cheese filling and cream cheese icing on the inside, vanilla buttercream on the outside.
  • Red Velvet cake with a traditional cream cheese filling and vanilla buttercream on the outside.
  • Strawberry cake with a strawberry coulis and vanilla buttercream

Let us know if you are interested in a specific flavor combination.  The savings is actually in all tiers being the same.  There might be a few exceptions for ingredients, but you never know until you ask!

How do you order this cake?

You fill out this form and when we receive it, we will email you will any questions and concerns.  If you would like we can discuss the cake over the phone.   Payment must be made in cash or by check.  (again saving us the credit card fees) We would need to receive payment within two weeks to schedule your cake.   We are a boutique cake shop and only accept a number of orders for a given weekend.  So on busy weekends, please let us know as soon as possible.

On our website you will see many more articles that explain cake slices, overall cake prices, and more.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  I hope this helps! Thanks so much and happy planning!

Here are a few examples of the cake styles that are inspired by this offer:

Sculpted Buttercream Budget Wedding Cakes

Sculpted buttercream wedding cake styles.


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