Cake Flavor Inspiration

Barely iced wedding cake with fresh flowers.

Barely iced wedding cake with fresh flowers.

Many of our patrons are requesting a flavor list. We really don’t have one. As specialty bakers the options are almost unlimited. There are many combinations for cakes, fillings and icings. And cakes can be fashioned out of your favorite desserts.  This article is pointed to our brides, but when we bake birthday, baby shower, anniversary and celebration cakes, we use the same ingredients, style and yes, this same flavor inspiration list.  So, let us know your favorites!  We can take about any favorite dessert and make it a cake!

We want to offer a variety of tastes that represent the slices you will present to your guests.  We do offer scheduled tastings and consultations to our brides.  

We choose tasting flavors based on traditional and seasonal flavors with input from our couples and other visitors . They will include Bavarians, cheesecakes, mousse, curds, fruit compotes and more.   The sample flavors we provide for you will represent our talent, taste and presentation. We feel you will find our cakes …just simply delicious and ask you to imagine how good your cake will be, for example, “substituting the raspberry for blackberry.”

And our Tasting Tuesdays give us a chance to share and get some opinions on new items such as our “Honey Bun” cake!

Here is a common list that we use for our scheduled wedding tasting menu to give you a quick look at what we offer:

  • Apple Spice with a caramel buttercream filling
  • Pumpkin spice with an orange zest cream cheese filling on the 1st and middle, top filling layer of pumpkin puree cream filling
  • Traditional red velvet with a traditional cream cheese filling
  • Chocolate cake with a peanut butter mousse filling
  • Italian cream (my most popular white cake) with a raspberry puree and Chambord (raspberry liquor)
  • Lemon cake, lemon curd filling with a blueberry coulis and vanilla buttercream
  • Strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream and a strawberry cheesecake filling layer
  • Carrot cake with a traditional cream cheese filling
  • Chocolate/Almond marble cake with an Amaretto filling and an almond cheesecake and cream cheese filling layer in the top filling layer
  • Coconut cake with a lime zest buttercream and a lime Bavarian filling layer
  • Pineapple cake with a scratch pineapple jam and a pineapple cream filling with a vanilla buttercream

All of our cakes are scratch made with natural ingredients. Fresh and local when we can find them, including compotes, jams, and other fillings. Our buttercream icings are made with real sweet butter, no shortening, margarine,  or powdered sugar. They are light in texture and in flavor. They are the true buttercream icings.

You can have any flavor combination inside your cake. And the outside can be decorated any way you would like. So, have your cake and eat it too!!

You can have any flavor combination inside your cake. And the outside can be decorated any way you would like. So, have your cake and eat it too!!

Our Flavor Trends

Our current trends include compound cakes.  The days of having just two layers of cake with regular icing in the middle are over!!!   In the example of the cake slices, we took a traditional strawberry cake  which includes our scratch made strawberry compote and added a layer of strawberry cheesecake.  Another,  we took a traditional coconut cake (made with coconut milk) and added lime buttercream and a lime Bavarian layer.

Dessert bars are very much in style for parties and weddings. It is very trendy to include multiple cakes to accommodate your guests that request vegan, gluten-free and sugar free options. Pies are very much in vogue as well as an assortment of cookies, bars and other favorite desserts (pies, tarts, cheesecakes, and so forth).  And when it comes to pie?  Well, we’ve taken our filling for our old fashioned chocolate pie and put it into a cake!

Marbles are always favorites, some popular combinations are chocolate/vanilla, strawberry/lemon. Chocolate/almond, carrot and bittersweet chocolate and more…

You might consider something completely different such as a strawberry yogurt Bavarian for a strawberry cake.

If you like Tiramisu, we bake the lady fingers as a layer cake, add to that the coffee liquor soaking syrup (usually Kahlua), and prepare a true mascarpone Bavarian cream. the end result is a Tiramisu taste in a layered style for an event or just for dinner!


Dessert bar to accommodate your vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and pie lover guests!

Dessert bar to accommodate your vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and pie lover guests!

I have listed a few combinations for inspiration:

  • Italian cream with a raspberry, blackberry or mixed berry puree, with the inside iced with a Chambord buttercream, outside a vanilla buttercream.
  • Chocolate cake, with a peanut butter mousse filling on the center layer (the filling is much like a peanut butter pie) as the filling.  We can add a thin layer of bittersweet chocolate ganache.
  • Lemon, Lime or Orange cake adding lemon or orange curd, or serve it as a garnish. Iced with an orange/lemon zest buttercream flavored with Grand Marnier or Lemoncello.
  • How about a banana cake with a cream cheese filling?  Maybe add a pineapple jam layer? (always scratch made in house)
  • Pineapple cake and filled with a scratch made pineapple jam and a pineapple cream, served with a coconut or citrus buttercream.
  • Lemon cake with each layer iced with a lemon glaze. Fillings include scratch made blueberry compote and lemon or vanilla buttercream.
  • Carrot cakes are also popular – I can either make it with or without nuts.
  • Other basic cake flavors are pound, red velvet, coffee, almond, pound, and yellow. Certain flavors work well with cream cheese icings like red velvet.
  • Pumpkin Spice cake, combination icing of cream cheese and buttercream in pumpkin orange flavors

Note: no matter what the year and whatever the internet says is the latest, remember the new trend is for our bride and our customers to have exactly what they want… and that includes everything.

I hope this helps, and let us know when we can schedule a complimentary tasting for you if you are planning a wedding or large event. Or we will see you on Tasting Tuesdays!!!!