Cake and Pie Menu – Quick Look

Pie Anyone?

We offer pies in various sizes.  All of our whole pies are 9.5 inches and serve eight to ten guests.  Our hand pies are 5 inches and are a single serving.  We also offer 3 inch hand pies and even smaller single bite tarts and pies for dessert bars.  The photos are just a few of the offerings we have, from wedding reception pie bars, dessert bars in general and farmers’ market favorites.  The hand pies are available every day we are open inside the shop.  Fresh from the oven and hot from our warmer.  And the whole pies are available for special orders.  We will be offering first come first served pies in our shop during the holiday weeks.

Please visit: for a complete description and photos!

  • The Sublime!  Our key lime pie – a majestic treat to finish off your next picnic or family gathering29~
  • The Old Fashioned!   Chocolate Cream Pie – makes your grandmother smile 25~
  • Traditional Peanut Butter Pie – a dessert for all ages 27~
  • The Chase!  Cut right to it… Let’s not waste any time getting to the best pie on earth! 29~
  • Banana Cream  – a dreamy, creamy dessert that always delights – It’s got fresh bananas… so it’s healthy right?  It’s worth the calories!26~
  • Apple Pie –  baked to sweet flaky perfection!26~  For your holiday season try our apple and cranberry pies!
  • Lemon Blueberry Meringue  – you’ll die and go to heaven with every bite28~
  • The Sweet Tea! – our honey bourbon pecan pie… It doesn’t get more Southern than this! 32~
  • The Toast! – our pumpkin pie… Toasted pumpkin, whipped cinnamon cream… 25~
  • Coconut! A traditional baked version covered in our coconut cream that we bake in our hand pies!  ~25
  • Coconut and Chocolate! Yep, you guessed it!  ~27

Cake!  Did someone say Cake?

These are just a few of our cakes we are preparing for the holidays!  We bake special and custom orders all the time!  So let us know your favorites?  All of our cakes are four cake layers with three filling layers.  So, we mix and match the fillings all the time.  All of our fillings are scratch made, fruit coulis and purees, cheesecakes, mousse layers, Bavarians, creams, curds and more!  We love the surprises we put in our cakes for your guests.

6 inch:  $30.00 – serves 8,
8 inch:  $40.00 and serves 15-20,
9 inch is our sweet spot on price, serves 25 and is $45.00.
The cakes are around 4.5 inches tall, so you get a lot of cake in each slice!

For more information please visit our cake inspiration guide:
And for specialty cakes, please visit our cake gallery:

  • Apple Spice with a caramel buttercream filling
  • Pumpkin spice with a cream cheese filling on the 1st and middle, top filling layer of pumpkin puree cream filling
  • Traditional red velvet with a traditional cream cheese filling. Can include a cheesecake layer!
  • Chocolate cake with a peanut butter mousse filling
  • Italian cream (my most popular white cake) with a raspberry puree and Chambord (raspberry liquor)
  • Lemon cake, lemon curd filling with a blueberry coulis  on the bottom layer, vanilla in the middle, lemon curd and vanilla buttercream on the top filling layer
  • Strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream and a strawberry cheesecake filling layer
  • Carrot cake with a traditional cream cheese filling. Can include raisins and walnuts!
  • Chocolate/Almond marble cake with an Amaretto filling and an almond cheesecake and cream cheese filling layer in the top filling layer
  • Coconut cake with a lime zest buttercream and a lime Bavarian filling layer
  • Pineapple cake with a scratch pineapple jam and a pineapple cream filling with a vanilla buttercream
  • Vegan! We provide a vegan chocolate cake that you can’t believe it’s vegan.  And it can be paired with a number of our fruit and other naturally dairy free fillings.  The icing can be vanilla or chocolate.
  • Gluten free? Yes, vanilla, spice, chocolate, and more are available for special order.