Clyde, North Carolina

Clyde was once an important holding area and loading point for shipping livestock to more populous areas of the country. The small, friendly town later evolved into a “bedroom” community for people who work outside the area.

How will you know when you’re in middle of Clyde? Just look for the “big gun”.

Haywood County’s only institution of higher education is Haywood Community College, a two-year college located in Clyde.¬† Be sure and visit the Haywood Community College Arboretum when you can.¬† The arboretum features include a rhododendron garden (1 acre) containing 75 varieties of rhododendron, conifers, dahlia garden featuring over 250 varieties, fruit tree orchard, greenhouse, herb garden, rose garden, nature trail, and perennials.

Clyde is also the home of the Shook Museum.¬† Haywood County’s oldest house.¬† It’s 200-plus years of history will live on to tell generations of the Shook-Smathers past.

The Gun in Clyde North Carolina