Fall Dessert Bars and Petit Fours

I was thinking about fall and Thanksgiving and was looking for inspiration for dessert bars.  I found this dessert bar from A Trendy Wedding and love it.  I particularly like the pears.  I thought why not take a page from candy apples and make some candy Seckel pears?  

I would make my cake truffles in spice and pumpkin flavors, add to that ginger cookies in leaf shapes.  Mini pumpkin cheesecakes that were such a hit last year, and perhaps scratch-made candy corn.  I just cannot wait to start developing recipes!

It's time to start planning those family get-togethers.  Orders have already started to come in, so the ideas are flowing.  If you are in the Waynesville, NC area and are interested in dessert bars, cakes and other holiday treats, contact us at …just simply delicious Cakes, Desserts and Confections.