First Day of Spring March 21st

Spring…  the onset of warmer weather. It is the season where the old becomes new again.

I have my own definition for spring and it’s just “fresh”.  Spring is the season where brown starts budding green.  Color bursts up from nowhere and splashes hillsides, and my own house’s yard is filled with daffodils and snap dragons juxtaposed on a velvet green carpet.  For once… it has its own “Kodak Moment”.  

Spring is the time where new year’s resolutions take form in the idea of planting a garden.  The feel of dirt between your fingers and the smell of freshly turned earth which gives life to your vegetables and fruits is hard to surpass. The first to appear are the herbs, and there’s nothing more rewarding than crushing them with your fingers to savor their bouquet.

The garden soon springs forth asparagus, squash, rhubarb, and other spring vegetables.  Strawberries are followed by peaches, and the peaches are followed by berries.  And all of the them, bring pies, shortbreads and ice creams to mind.