First Day of Summer June 21st

Summer is where the magic happens.  The gardens are ripe and the food is plentiful.  If you don’t have a garden, you still find rewards at farmers’ and tailgate markets that spring up in parking lots around town.  

When the hotter weather hits, the foods that we seek most are the cold ones such as ice creams and thirst quenchers such as fruit smoothies.  Our soups are gazpacho or cucumber-dill.  We also enjoy foods that get us outside more…  the oven inside my kitchen gets a little dusty as the grill comes out from storage and is fired up, ready to supply us with hamburgers or grilled asparagus.  And of course, we never pass up watermelon and cantaloupe.  

Mostly the foods we eat are indeed fresh…  loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants with very little concern for  portion control.   It’s the time of year when we all eat a little healthier because we are ready for it.  We’ve hibernated through the winter with whatever foods we could forage.  Now is the time to eat.