Groom’s Cake – Football Stadium

another  …just simply delicious Groom's Cake | This one is of the stadium at University of Tennessee.

Groom’s cakes have made their way into weddings as a way for the groom to express himself and to have his own special part of the rehearsal dinner or reception.  Normally ordered by the bride as a surprise, grooms are now taking on that responsibility as it can be a fun part of the wedding planning for them.  

Most groom’s cakes are chocolate, but more traditional flavors and even cupcakes are becoming popular.   The cakes were traditionally served at the rehearsal dinner, but again, you see them quite often as a second dessert choice at the wedding reception.  

This groom’s cake was indeed all chocolate with vanilla fondant for design and color.  It will provide 60-80 servings, depending on the serving size.   And as you can probably guess, this groom was a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee and loved football.