How do you walk in the grass with stiletto and high heels?

This year I was privileged to bake wedding cakes for a number of summer brides.  And a few of them held their ceremony outdoors and in the grass.  As each wedding party slowly made their way to the altar, I held my breath knowing that they were either walking on their tip toes or walking in their bare feet.  Fortunately I didn’t see anyone “sink in”.  

I ran across this post from Lucky n Love Wedding Blog and wanted to forward this tip along to all brides.  “SoleMates is a mechanically engineered grass-proof design that fits on most heels and grips without damaging your shoe. SoleMates come in clear and black so they are also quite discreet. Plus, they are also reusable.”

Western North Carolina is a wonderland of beautiful views where outdoor weddings are the norm.  Most weddings in Waynesville involve walking in grass at some point.  This seems to be such an excellent solution, I wanted to pass it along.  Here is their website for more information and how to order.