In the shop this weekend! 23nd, 23rd and the 24th!

We are preparing a chocolate mint cheesecake!  Sold by the slice.  Regular cheesecakes with your choice of topping as well.

We will be baking a chocolate and caramel cake, lemon with lemon curd and blueberry and a strawberry cake with a lemon Bavarian filling layer!

We will be offering for the first time our banana cream pie by the slice and bringing back our lemon cloud pie.  Think spring!

Also, sticky buns, morning glory and apple spice muffins.
Our scones will vary morning to morning.  But we are starting out with blueberry!

Our sliced peach pastries are back.  And we are offering for the first time Friday our fresh pear and almond pastries.

Hand Pies:  apple, blackberry, blueberry and Bing cherry,  lemon
Turnovers:   guava and cream cheese, coconut cream, strawberry and cream cheese
We will also be offering caramelized Golden Delicious apple turnovers!

Cupcake flavors are coming…

Sticky buns with pecans!

And various other items throughout the weekend!