Preparing for the midnight munchies after your wedding.

Preparing for the munchies after your wedding.Weddings are exciting and filled with so much energy that often couples think they are eating enough but when the night winds down and they are finally able to relax, the realty of being a little hungry sets in.   Once the adrenaline starts to wane, many couples find themselves looking for that midnight snack.  One of our couples told me they actually ordered out for pizza when they arrived at their hotel room.

So, something you might consider is to make arrangements with your caterer to prepare a to-go box of the dinner, desserts and several pieces of your wedding cake that you can enjoy later.  Even if you don't eat it all when you have that midnight urge, wedding cake for breakfast can be a special treat to start your honeymoon.  Many of our couples take several slices of wedding cake with them to enjoy during their week.  Especially if cake was baked with several different flavors.  

I hope this helps!  Happy Honeymooning to all of this years’ wonderful brides and grooms.


Photo by Antonis Giannelis / Greece