Questions to ask a venue before you plan your intimate or elopement wedding.

There are many stunning venues that will offer a discount for a partial day rental or a weekday rental for your intimate or elopement wedding. 

You can save substantially on a venue if you are open to days other than the traditional Saturday.  Many intimate weddings are held on Fridays, Sundays and Mondays.

I’ve delivered wedding cakes on just about every day of the week.  And as a result I’ve learned a few things that I want to pass along.  Hopefully it will help.

Most venues will gladly show you around their property, but usually that is on a weekday.  You won’t find many that will show you around on a busy wedding weekend. 

So, you visit on that slow day and find that you are basically the only guests there….  it’s quiet and the property is beautiful.  The host shows you multiple places for photo opportunities, and staging for the ceremony, cocktail hour and many reception sites. And you fall in love and book the venue for your special day. And you enjoy the discount you receive by booking on a non Saturday.

But will it look the same as it does now on your wedding day?

Keep in mind that Saturday is the bread and butter day for the venue.  And Saturdays are mostly reserved for those large weddings.  And large weddings take time to setup and tear down.

So save yourself from being surprised or frustrated by asking a few questions about the weddings that might take place on the day before or the day after your wedding.

Will there be a large wedding the day before?  And if so… will the property still have tables, chairs, storage containers, linens piled up, etc. from that wedding while your wedding is taking place?

Will contractors be installing fixtures or have large tents already setup for a wedding that will take place the next day?  The perfect spot for your formal pictures may now sport a huge white tent because of the next day's weddings. And your overall location photo shoot is now impossible. 

I once delivered a cake to a venue where the ceremony had to take place by the side of the house because the other two beautiful locations on the property were teaming with vendors collecting chairs, tables, and decor from the previous night’s wedding.

Some couples may opt to rent a luxury home in the mountains for their small wedding.  One couple that I worked with chose in particular a beautiful log home because the main room was fairly open and they planned to place tables in that room for their reception.  To their shock when they arrived at the home the day of..  that large open space was filled with a pool table and other gaming equipment.  So if you love a space, you might want to add in your contract that you are relying on the space as is… and if it changes, you should be notified, and perhaps have the right to find another location. We ended up throwing a bed sheet over the pool table… it was the largest cake table I’ve ever decorated. Unfortunately their guests found themselves eating in the garage.

These are just my observations.   I don’t know that I would have given any thought to how the day before or after might effect my wedding.  Until I delivered some of these cakes…  Food for thought and questions to be asked. Because I think it matters.