The ‘Mater Festival in Canton NC draws a Crowd

Note:  Since this article has been written, it is my understanding that the Mater Festival has been discontinued.  You will need to contact the Town of Canton for more information.  Thank you. 

The ‘Mater Festival in Canton was held this weekend, and according to Charles Rathbone, this was the festival’s biggest year.¬† There were so many more arts and crafts booths, they were moved out into the street.¬† I remember as a child, there was always someone coming around offering pony rides.¬† This was true in Canton this weekend, actual walking around ponies.¬† Other offerings included live music and square dancing, horse-and-buggy rides, petting animals, attractions for children, and a lot of food.¬† And of course, a lot of tomatoes for sale.

If you missed it, be sure and look for the festival next year, it will be bigger than ever.

The Mater Festival in Canton NC