What are the additional fees or hidden costs?

There is the cost of the cake, the delivery, taxes and the cake stand rental fees that will be listed on your cake design sheet.  In some instances where the delivery location is far from the bakery, you might consider renting a cake stand from your caterer, or the rental company you are using will normally have cake stands you can rent. The reason that is something you should consider is because of the return of the cake stand.  Either you need to find someone that will bring it back to us, or pay an additional charge for us to […]

How long have you been in business? How much experience do you have?

You can learn more about how we got started and our experience by reading the about us section.

Are you licensed and insured?


How far in advance do I need to order my cake?

We ask you plan a tasting and order your cake within six months of your wedding.  Just about all bakers work on a first come, first pay basis, so busy months will fill up quickly.  We also usually don’t schedule tastings if your wedding is a year or more away.

Do you do deliver? How much does it cost?

We do and will.  The delivery cost is determined by the distance from our bakery to your venue.  We ask that you supply us with the earliest time vendors have access to your venue.  And when your guests are expected to arrive.  That gives us the window of opportunity to set up the cake. We also ask for the contact information of your florist, photographer and the wedding planner if you are hiring one. Emergency repairs are made if needed, we bring a “fix-it” kit with us just in case.  In many instances the cake is built and finalized on […]