Trivia: back in the 1800’s what did the locals call a flood prone area?

Trivia:  back in the 1800's what did the locals call a flood prone area?

It was called "frog level" land.

The area of Waynesville located along Richland Creek, northwest and downhill from Main Street in Waynesville, NC, was essentially a swampland.  In 1884, the first railroad tracks were laid, right alongside Richland Creek.  Until this time, the area was home to a few scattered buildings but essentially no major development. Once the tracks were finished and the depot built, the train arrived and the area soon came to be known as Frog Level.

The first depot burned in 1900, but it was soon replaced with another that remained standing until 1987. Back in the day, Frog Level was the town, folks walked up the hill to what was then called Pleasant Hill. The commercial focus changed to Waynesville when automobiles became popular and the train was no longer the main source of transportation. The last passenger train arrived in Waynesville in 1949, however, freight trains pass through Frog Level twice daily, with most trains continuing on to Sylva.

Frog Level still serves as a commercial part of the town. It has been listed on the National Register of Historic Districts and has everything from art galleries, a soup kitchen, professional offices, and a creek side coffee shop.

Update:  Try this link for more information about Frog Level and the Historic Frog Level Merchants.