Waynesville, NC – Art After Dark and the Street Dances

Now is the time to plan a trip to Waynesville, NC.¬† Be here on August 6th. Waynesville¬† will be “on fire”!

Join us for a day of shopping in unique shops strolling on our  bricklined sidewalks.   Spend an evening being entertained and filled with foods, wine and desserts as the art galleries open until 9:00pm for Art After Dark.

Photo CGI Group

And work off all the sweets by joining us for a front row seat to the last of Waynesville’s street dances of the season.

Art After Dark is a gallery crawl in Waynesville, NC. On the first Friday of the month from May until October, Main Street becomes magical. It is a special time where all the participating galleries and stores open their doors after hours and invite all of us to join them.

The event starts at 6:00pm and usually starts to wind down at 9:00pm. Most restaurants are open, so plan on an evening out.

…just simply delicious Cakes, Desserts and Confections will have a petit four buffet table available to all Texture’s guests. Textures is an extraordinary gallery featuring fine art and custom wood crafted items for your home. Join them for a fabulous evening listening to live music and snacking on our wonderful treats. For a complete schedule of upcoming Art After Dark dates please visit the Waynesville Gallery Association or Textures.