All about Wedding Cakes. Answers to your Questions!

It's wedding engagement season! And soon you will set the date and start the fun process... sampling cake!!!

It’s wedding engagement season! And soon you will set the date and start the fun process… sampling cake!!!

It’s engagement season!  Congratulations to all the couples that will be soon saying “I Do”!   But before that day… you will have a lot of fun planning your wedding.    It is an exciting time, full of creative choices and tastings and color and … questions.

We created this section on our website to help you navigate the anatomy of a wedding cake.   Our hope is to inspire you.  This is why we do what we do!

We believe your wedding cake can capture the love you have for each other and as you cut it,  feel what it’s like to work together as husband and wife for the very first time.

Then by sharing a piece of that very cake with your guests, you are welcoming them to be a part of your new lives.  After all… that room is filled with the people you love the most.

Some of that gets lost in translation when you start planning, it’s all about color, taste, style, and yes… cost.   But on that special day, you will know it was all worth the work.

We have an article of how a price per serving is calculated.  Since that is the most popular way bakers price their cakes.  We (…just simply delicious) price the entire cake, then give you pricing on all the extras including tax with our quotes.   If you are struggling to understand competitive serving pricing, click here. We can help!

We then we have an article on custom cakes and examples of the styles and pricing.  This will give you inspiration on how pricing is determined based on the work involved.  Remember the inside of the cake in these examples is the same.  The outside is vastly different.  With all of our cakes, we want them to be what you want them to be.  PERIOD.   And we are up to challenges to make that happen.   Some of our best and favorite cakes might just be for your wedding.  Our hope is to give you a few ideas of how to structure your budget. Click here for more information.

Lastly, yes there is a way to save on your cake.   Not only do we offer suggestions for ways to lower your cost by suggesting, cupcakes, kitchen cakes, faux tiers, but have you considered a cake dessert table?  One two tier cutting cake surrounded by single tiered cakes.    Yes, you can have  fabulous scratch made cakes with different styles with the same recipes as our custom cakes,  that look beautiful but won’t break the bank.

Lastly but most importantly, we give you a way to ask for a price or schedule a complimentary tasting.   We will be happy to answer any other questions you may have and help with your budget, planning and more.   Just ask.   Have a beautiful day and we wish you all the best with your wedding plans.

Custom Designed fondant wedding cakes in Asheville, NC

Custom Designed fondant wedding cakes in Asheville, NC