Wedding cake pricing explained! A little help with your wedding planning.

sweet romantic wedding cakeWhy a wedding cake is not “just a cake”.

Well, first of all,  it is normally a stacked cake of multiple tiers.  The tiers may be round or square shapes, topsy turvey or carved.  And when your cake is properly designed it will have internal supports.  Your cake isn’t just sitting on itself, otherwise it might fall or collapse.  The type of support depends on the cake itself.  The top tier is actually resting on three other sets of support.

Most custom  cakes have a different flavor combination for each tier, so a four tier cake will offer four flavor choices.   And with us,  each tier is built with four cake layers and three filling layers, so we commonly mix the fillings as well.  For example:  lemon cake, with a blueberry compote vanilla cream in the first filling layer, lemon cream or vanilla in the second filling layer, lemon curd Bavarian in the third filling layer.  All iced in vanilla buttercream.

We like to offer surprises for your guests, and with three filling layer choices, your guest will have a different taste for each bite.  Many bakers will charge extra to have different flavors, and most will up charge for certain types of fillings.   We normally don’t, we average out just fine.  (even though there are a few exceptions)  But the per slice starting price does reflect this average cost.  And you need to ask how bakers build their tiers… some only have two cake layers, with one filling layer, some three cake layers and two filling layers.  Again, ours is four cake layers and three filling layers.

Strawberry cake with a cheesecake filling layer and coconut cake with a lime curd Bavarian and lime zest buttercream.

The left sample is strawberry cake, a strawberry coulis with vanilla buttercream. And it has a special filling layer of strawberry cheesecake. The sample on the right is our coconut cake (made with coconut milk) and a lime curd Bavarian filling layer, with lime zest buttercream.

It is very common for us to design one of those filling layers as fresh fruit, a fruit compote, Bavarians, Mousse, Curds and even cheesecake layers.  One of our most popular is a strawberry cake (with a scratch made strawberry compote swirled into the cake batter)  two filling layers of cream cheese icing with the same strawberry compote and a layer of strawberry cheesecake.

Speaking of our strawberry cake, one of the sweetest compliments we’ve had came from a fellow vendor.  Blue Frame Photography, this is what Carrie had to say:

“Also, this cake? I’ve worked with Debi for long enough to sort of call myself a “connoisseur” of her cakes. And honestly, you can’t go wrong with a Just Simply Delicious Cakes, Desserts and Confections cake. But this cake? Oh, man, this cake, If there weren’t 50 other witnesses in the room, I’d have devoured the whole thing. There was a layer of cheesecake with I think maybe strawberry glaze between the layers of this one particular tier… I’m still dreaming about it.”

thumbnail-tastingsAs for style, the most cost effective is the round tier, the most costly will be a cake that is carved into a shape. When you carve a cake, there is a lot of cake that you pay for, but won’t be eating.   Topsy turvey, concave effect and so forth.

CadenceNickWedding-216There is also a bit of confusion as to the pricing on square cakes vs. round cakes.  A ten inch round cake will serve around 30 guests.  While a ten inch square cake will serve 50 with the slice sizes being equal.  Note, it’s not that a square tier takes that much longer to decorate, or is harder.  It isn’t really, maybe just a little.  But they are bigger.  So if you are paying by the slice, then the price remains the same.  But be prepared.  Instead of a ten inch tier (round), you might end up with an 8 inch tier (square) for equal overall number of servings.  So… you end up with a smaller looking cake.

If you want the ten inch tier and you prefer square, then you can expect to pay more…   since the tier is large enough to serve 50 guests.   So the price went from $4.00 a serving for 30 guests to $4.00 a serving for 50 guests, or $80.00 more, to give you an idea.  And you will have extra cake.  You would be amazed as to how much cake those cornblue and silver wedding cakeers actually provide!

Also when you are taking the total cost of a cake and dividing it by your number of servings remember that a cake to serve 75 will cost the same as a cake to serve 85, simply because the size of the tier is the size of the tier.  You will be paying for 30 servings in a round ten inch tier even though you may only need 25.  And don’t forget your anniversary tier that you will be keeping.  You still pay for the 8 servings in that tier.

The higher cost factors also involve fondant, hand piping, stencil work, embellishments, sugar flowers, certain types of ribbon, and on…

Sugar flowers will on average be more than fresh flowers.  They are hand crafted, left to dry and then hand painted or airbrushed.  Then arranged for placement on your cake.  The plus side is that they will keep forever practically if stored properly and this option will give you more color choices.   Blue for example.

Most of our custom cakes are in the $4.50 – $6.50 per slice range, if you need a number.  However all of our quotes are per the actual cake.  The only way it would change is if your guest count drastically changes.  And we include all the other associated costs such as delivery, cake stand rental and tax.  We do offer a price request if you want to bounce around a few ideas.  We realize it is hard to budget when you really don’t know where to start.  So, just click here and we will be happy to help.  Click here for our price request form.

I hope this helps!  Have a lovely time planning and tasting!