White Water Falls – Time for a Hike!

White Water FallsWhitewater Falls, or technically Upper Whitewater Falls, is a waterfall in North Carolina on the Whitewater River. It plunges 411 feet and it is not only the highest waterfall in the state, but is also asserted to be the highest falls east of the Rocky Mountains. This waterfall is a designated North Carolina Natural Heritage Area and is only accessible from U.S. Hwy. 64.  Most of the waterfall is of the tumbling or cascading nature.
There are two observation areas for these falls.  The Upper portion can be viewed by walking on the paved path to the top.  It is less than 1.4 mile and you have an excellent view of the falls.  The walkway begins at the end of the parking lot and is accessible to wheelchairs.
You may get a better view by taking the stairs (around 155 of them) down to the next platform. There is a small viewing area there. The safest views of the falls are from the two overlooks.