Wild Natural Blackberries on the hillsides of …just simply delicious

wild blackberriesThere’ss virtually nothing that says summer more than blackberries.  Found along roadsides, hillsides and many backyards, the North Carolina mountain area is the place to “Go a Berrryin”.   From late June to early August, the blackberry bushes show large white flowers which turn to red berries and then to the luscious blackberry.  You pick the berries one to two days after they turn black for dead-ripe sweetness.

…just simply delicious is now serving freshly picked wild blackberries directly from the hills on our farm in many of our dessert offerings.

The blackberry is nutritious. One serving of blackberries (one cup or 140 gm) provides 50 percent of the vitamin C, 10 percent of the folate, and 22 percent of the fiber required daily. Blackberries are also a good source of potassium, calcium, and iron. In addition, the compound ellagic acid, identified as an anticarcinogen, is found in blackberries. *

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