Your bridal bouquet can help calm your nerves on your wedding day.

herb bridal bouquet used for aromatherapyAlthough plants have been essential to the language of love for many centuries your wedding bouquet can perform double duty.   Filling your wedding  bouquet with local herbs will not only be beautiful but can help calm your nerves on your special day.  Aromatherapy is used by many people to reduce your anxiety on your wedding day

Each herb has different properties and can create different moods, from relieving stress to helping you focus. Including some of these herbs in your wedding bouquet insures you have that stress relieve at your fingertips.

Some examples from my research are Angelica which is said to be a great stress reliever, Chamomile is one of the best scents for relaxing the mind and body, calming your nerves. Lavender is known for its relaxing properties.  Lemon Verbena is known for relieve tiredness while helping your brain to focus.  
And while I was researching this topic, I read about my favorite herb Basil and was very pleased to hear that it says basil is an energizer.   As with all aromatherapy you should contact your doctor to see if this is right for you, but I love the idea of being able to crush just a little bit of sweet basil before I would walk down the isle… if for no reason that any time I smell fresh basil I am in my happy place.